Vacation, Inactivity, and Your mom

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Vacation, Inactivity, and Your mom   Empty Vacation, Inactivity, and Your mom

Post  Admin on Sat May 19, 2012 1:00 pm

Although I am sure RT-XD has the same rule for the Capella Division. he will have same rules for Andromeda nothing will change .

Capella"s Rule was is that if you are afk for more than 7 days ingame you will be removed from the alliance. UNLESS you have done 2 things.

1) You must put yourself into Vacation mode. Our rule is 7 days but I would strongly suggest that if you know you will be gone for over 2 days to put youself in V mode. Or One day for that matter.

2) YOU MUST (not you can if you feel led to by the spirit) Post in the section for Vacancys and Absence letting us know you will be gone.

So there you go. You need to do two things. Now let me clear some myths going around. Sending out a CM letting people know you are on vacation does not eliminate the need to do number 2 on the list above. Also if you go on Vacation for over a month I am probably going to kick you because you are probably not coming back hehe. If you do come back you of course are welcome back in but I can't have an alliance full of Vacation hoggers Razz.

Oh one more thing. If you get booted from FEARMerc you are free game for farming. I have told so many people already that have asked me to stop farming them that the only way they are safe is if they have FEARMerc by their planet or we are in a NAP or Alliance agreement with them.

This may sound harsh guys but we need to keep an active alliance if we want to grow so just letting you all know.


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